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I remember the day when I prepared a lot to introduce myself to get a job. I was the final year student for my graduate degree and I had to join a job immediately. I rehearsed many times and I was thinking that my introduction will impress recruiters.

I always heard that the first impression is the last impression.

When I entered the room for an interview, there were 3 recruiters, they asked me to sit down on a chair. The nervousness was all around but again immediately I was ready to introduce myself. …


Writer’s hope as I am also not yet experienced

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I am writing this post for our new Medium friends who are enjoying reading stories of other authors. As well as, those who are making a plan to write some posts on this platform. Especially for those who have already started writing, however, they have many questions like how to format, put stories to any publications, or get some earnings, etc.

I have seen many new writers who feel helpless even though Medium has many helpful posts and tutorials. Actually, when I was new on Medium, I also wanted to be an expert like other experienced authors. Subsequently, I used…

Technology | Microsoft | WhatsApp | iPhone

Technology is transferring everyday

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WhatsApp will let you transfer your chat from iPhone to Samsung

WhatsApp has announced that migration of WhatsApp data from an iPhone to a Samsung phone is possible during the initial setup. Account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media, and all settings could be transferred.

These all need to be remembered during the transfer of chat history:
Your old iPhone should have WhatsApp iOS version or greater version.
- Samsung users should be on Android version or greater version.
- You should have USB-C to Lightning cable or equivalent adapter for transferring.
- Phone numbers can not be changed.
- Samsung SmartSwitch app version or greater needs…


The power of Thick Data

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Concept of Thick Data

We all would have heard about Big Data. Big Data has become a necessary process for many organizations. They are expecting a good return as they have an understanding that Big Data can provide sufficient information. In a business, making a good decision is not easy especially when things change quickly.

Research shows Big Data has solutions to many business problems, but when the matter of dealing with human elements is there, it does not give satisfactory results. …


Keep writing and keep learning

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I started writing on Medium in October 2020. It is around 10 months from now. I am writing because I like to express my views and thoughts. When I learn something, I also like to share it with the world. The purpose is only to learn and grow together.

I have learned from many writers that your success matter, and you need to do your excellence all the time. Slowly you know you are getting closer to success. It could be in many ways. …


Cryptocurrency has shaped, you must know few facts

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Do you know cryptocurrency is now becoming the new normal? Are you interested in it? Are you also looking for buying some cryptocurrency? Is this a good way to invest and be rich because it is known as digital assets?

I guess you have many questions if you are not aware of them. It seems the future is going to adopt cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has already increased its space, and now demand is high.

We need to know something before analyzing anything. If you are new, you would like to know about some facts.

Who started Cryptocurrency and when?

Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious man who…


A controversial spyware

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Spyware word is normal for a non-technical person. A technical person is aware of this. Spyware is software with malicious behavior. Around 90% of computers are infected with Spyware around the world.

The purpose of this is to steal our information secretly and send others or use it for misusing it. This may destroy our privacy. Can you think how harmful it could be? It may also attack the hardware of our devices to damage them.

We are already connected with spyware through our devices. Software developers say they have our consent. Do we know if we give our consent…


When you travel, you enjoy the reality

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Traveling is one of my hobbies. I want to travel as much as possible, but this busy life does not give me much chance. We learn how the world spent its life. We can know about the culture, new food, new lifestyle and many more.

Traveling helps us to be better than we are. It helps in self-development. We know new people who discuss ideas and let you know about their culture and lifestyle. When we go on a travel, we make some special arrangements. …


Know your right and fight for yourself

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I reached college late today. I knew I was late, so I could not attend my lecture. I was waiting for my friend so that I can take notes from him. Then I saw a girl passing near me. I felt as if I knew her already.

I hesitated a bit, but then I thought why I shouldn’t ask who is she. The girl’s eyes contacted me, and I saw that girl is coming near to me. She took my name and asked if I am the same person. We met after 15 years, but she was still remembering my…


Digital forensics is now a matter of need

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Technology is getting advanced. Basic knowledge of technology is now necessary for everyone. As the demand for information technology has increased, we are much concerned about cybersecurity. We want to secure our devices free from any cyber attack and cybercrime.

We have been noticing that the graph of cybercrimes and cyber-attacks has increased vastly. The reason behind this, we and our business dealings are more digitalized. They know attacking us digitally makes their dream fulfilled. Many pieces of secret information are being exchanged digitally. Criminally minded people are moving all around and want to loot us.

The Fear of Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crimes

If we see a…

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