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I remember the day when I prepared a lot to introduce myself to get a job. I was the final year student for my graduate degree and I had to join a job immediately. I rehearsed many times and I was thinking that my introduction will impress recruiters.

I always…


Be Cyber Smart

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Statista writes around 4.66 billion (59.5 percent of the global population) active internet users are available worldwide and 4.32 billion access the internet through mobile devices. Meanwhile, we are reading this article, we acknowledge that we spend more than 50% of our effective time in digital activities.

We are fully…


Lets talk about Windows 11

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Microsoft Windows 11 now can be seen on few computers. Windows 10 was released in 2015. After 6 years, Windows 11 has come with many excellent features. In June 2021, Microsoft announced to release of Windows 11 after public testing before releasing officially. It was released on 4th October finally.


Learn to love yourself

We all wish to be surrounded by loving people. Love is successful when you spread without thinking to get anything in return. You feel happy because your friends, family, relatives, colleagues are smiling and sharing their enjoyment with you.

This is the story of a young boyfriend and a girlfriend…


Writer’s hope as I am also not yet experienced

I am writing this post for our new Medium friends who are enjoying reading stories of other authors. As well as, those who are making a plan to write some posts on this platform. …

Technology | Microsoft | WhatsApp | iPhone

Technology is transferring everyday

WhatsApp will let you transfer your chat from iPhone to Samsung

WhatsApp has announced that migration of WhatsApp data from an iPhone to a Samsung phone is possible during the initial setup. Account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media, and all settings could be transferred.

These all need to be remembered during the transfer of chat history:


The power of Thick Data

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Concept of Thick Data

We all would have heard about Big Data. Big Data has become a necessary process for many organizations. They are expecting a good return as they have an understanding that Big Data can provide sufficient information. …


Keep writing and keep learning

I started writing on Medium in October 2020. It is around 10 months from now. I am writing because I like to express my views and thoughts. When I learn something, I also like to share it with the world. The purpose is only to learn and grow together.



Cryptocurrency has shaped, you must know few facts

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Do you know cryptocurrency is now becoming the new normal? Are you interested in it? Are you also looking for buying some cryptocurrency? Is this a good way to invest and be rich because it is known as digital assets?

I guess you have many questions if you are not…


A controversial spyware


Spyware word is normal for a non-technical person. A technical person is aware of this. Spyware is software with malicious behavior. Around 90% of computers are infected with Spyware around the world.

The purpose of this is to steal our information secretly and send others or use it for misusing…

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