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I remember the day when I prepared a lot to introduce myself to get a job. I was the final year student for my graduate degree and I had to join a job immediately. I rehearsed many times and I was thinking that my introduction will impress recruiters.

I always…


Keep looking for updates your browser

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Recently, I wrote about warnings and safety updates in my previous post Critical Warnings for Google Chrome Users! Check If You Are Safe!. Now, it has come to the notice Safari browsers are not safe. Google chromes browsers were being targeted by the attackers. Google's Chrome version 97.0.4692.71 …


A novel detection technique to identify Malware

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After the covid pandemic, demand for the internet has increased due to various restrictions to stop the pandemic. People spend maximum time at home, and digital activities have increased. People who do not know much technology are nowadays connecting to the internet to manage their activities like banking, education, teaching…


Must update your Google Chrome Version

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Are you a Google Chrome User? The answer will be Yes because Statcounter has shown Chrome is the most popular browser in their report of Browser Market Share Worldwide Dec 2020 — Dec 2021. According to Statcounter, Chrome has the highest market share contributions of 63.84%. …

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